We're working on some exciting products at Title Web Solutions - these include:

Open Source

SilverStripe Deployment

A solution for easy deployment of your SilverStripe sites

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SilverStripe Theme: Cloudy

A Bootstrap based SilverStripe theme, built for the 2012 Theme Contest

Read more and see the demo here

SilverStripe Business Info

Manage your business information under "Settings", and access it sitewide. The BusinessInfoExtension is supposed to be added to SiteConfig, but could potentially also be used on other DataObjects, e.g. a "Business Directory".

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SilverStripe Memberpages

Programmatically make your pages accessible only to members and/or cetain member groups.
This module helps you when working with page types that should be restricted from members that have not been logged in, and/or restricted to a certain group.
While that behavior can easily be achieved via the CMS, sometimes you just want this to be the default, and not changeable by any users of the CMS.

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SilverStripe Calendar

A versatile, configurable calendar module for SilverStripe.

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Read more and see the demo here

SilverStripe Theme: ICON

A read-to-use theme to kickstart your website. Available for USD 40, only.

Read more and see the demo here

SilverStripe Rotating Backups

A SilverStripe module that leverages the database configuration already present in your live site to take rotating backups.
By default the module backs up the database and assets directory at given intervals.
Additional directories can be added through configuration. Different backup intervals for db and files, keep dates, and backup over SSH to external sources are easily configurable.

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SilverStripe based real estate system

Based on the OpenImmo standard.

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SilverStripe Infrastructure Hub (Work in Progress)

SilverStripe module that keeps a database of all your servers, sites, and events.
It integrates with our backup module, so you have a centralized log of when your sites have been backed up, and to where, and it also includes monitoring functionality. Via a simple bash script to be placed on your servers you'll have simple stats of server resource usage. Beyond that you can set the system to ping all your sites, and notify you when a site goes offline.
We're using this system internally, and it's still work in progress, and more features will come.

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